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Sudbury Mining Products works with maintenance, operation, and exploration managers to optimize the performance of capital assets, supporting industrial plant and equipment to deliver an operation’s business plan reliably, over time.

As a key partner in any preventative maintenance program, Sudbury Mining Products aims to:

  • Maximize return on invested capital;
  • Improve the productivity of capital equipment;
  • Optimize asset condition over time;
  • Increase production recovery rates;
  • Normalize asset life cycle costs; and
  • Improve safety and environment for equipment operators.

With a concentrated focus on industrial grade lubricants, automatic lubrication systems, asset protection accessories, and industrial pumping and processing solutions, Sudbury Mining Products is the Northern Ontario products and parts distributor that empowers maintenance, operation, and engineering professionals towards a higher level of asset predictability.

By sourcing products that support whole life asset performance, Sudbury Mining Products provides a higher level of return on invested capital for experienced mining, heavy industry, construction, fleet, and OEM companies.


For decades, Sudbury Mining Products has been working with mining and maintenance managers in the Sudbury Basin and beyond to protect the most critical processes of industrial operations. While the role we play and the scope of our solutions has evolved over time, our fundamental purpose remains the same; help clients achieve and maintain overall production effectiveness.

Our team at Sudbury Mining Products supports clients in the effort to balance asset utilization and asset care, two concepts that are no longer mutually exclusive in sophisticated mining and industrial operations. Ultimately, the achievement of this balance means bridging the gap between production and maintenance.

While these two operational disciplines have been practiced at odds historically, we now know that a strong preventative asset maintenance program provides significant opportunities for cost reduction and productivity improvements.

At Sudbury Mining Products we work to support this effort sourcing and designing, lubrication, asset maintenance, and pumping solutions that empower operations and maintenance managers to optimize the lifecycle costs of their assets, reduce their total cost of asset ownership, and preserve an efficient asset condition.


Vision Statement – To be the preferred Canadian partner in preventative asset maintenance.

Mission Statement – To reduce the total cost of asset ownership for our mining and industrial clients. Sudbury Mining Products works to improve capital asset conditions, over time. By distributing products that focus on whole life preventative asset maintenance, we optimize the life cycle costs of plant and equipment to help clients deliver their business plan reliably and consistently.


Reliability – In business, it pays to be achievement oriented. Our clients believe in results, so Sudbury Mining Products is a result based company. We carry products that we believe in because our clients have production based operations. When your business relies on production with minimal downtime, preventative maintenance products need to perform reliably, as advertised, protecting your most critical processes.

Integrity – In a crowded industry space, we prefer to be simple and direct. If we can collaborate to solve a problem, we are happy to do so. In the event that we can’t, we’ll let you know! At SMP, we work one-on-one with clients to provide preventative asset maintenance and total lubrication system solutions that improve the sustainability of capital asset conditions. Ultimately, we won’t sell for the sake of selling. Our solutions perform as described and in this manner, we work to leave your equipment better than we found it.

Relationships – At Sudbury Mining products, we believe in doing what we say and leading by example. In our marketplace, the circles are small and relationships matter. As a partner in any preventative maintenance program, we recognize that you have an operation to run and we want to share in the ownership of that responsibility. For industries that rely on production, overall asset performance, and cost management, we take that commitment seriously and hold ourselves to a high standard of accountability. Strong relationships with our clients enable us to improve decision making. Working one-on-one with all of our clients in solutions design, we are better able to anticipate the needs related to asset maintenance and preservation products, system service, part stocking, and lead time.


For over 30 years Sudbury Mining Products has been working with mining and industrial operations to preserve the assets that are critical to production and delivering the organization’s business plan. We’ve learned a lot about industrial plant and equipment. Now, we work with clients across Canada, supporting maintenance and operations personnel to keep their equipment and critical processes running predictably.


Sudbury Mining Products are based out of Sudbury Ontario, but have served mining operations all throughout Ontario.

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